3 Secrets to Relieve Stress Quickly (in Under 10 Minutes)

By now we know stress is inevitable. Long-term stress makes us vulnerable to illness + disease! So how do we manage our stress? How can we keep it in check so we don’t get sick later on?

Breathing (~ 1 minute)

Taking at least 3 deep breaths automatically slows your heart rate. When we focus 100% on our breath, we quiet our worries and stress + put our bodies in a (more) relaxed state. Just with 3 deep breaths!


Aromatherapy (~ 1 minute)

Our olfactory sense, or sense of smell, triggers memories and emotional responses. Why not use our natural sense of smell to trigger positive + calming emotional responses?


We love fresh rosemary, lavender, peppermint or citrus scents to immediately reduce stress. You can also diffuse essential oils or apply a drop to your hands + inhale.


Meditation (~ 10 minutes)

Getting into a comfortable position, closing your eyes + focusing on your breath for 10 minutes has been shown to calm the mind, decrease blood pressure + reduce stress and anxiety - especially when practiced on a consistent basis.


If you want to try 10- minute guided meditations, check out our friend Gina Kawalek at https://www.instagram.com/ginakawalek/


BONUS: Add aromatherapy to help you reduce stress quicker + relax deeper.

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