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OR: the alternative

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This is the home of a small business from Cleveland, Ohio. Please take a peek at our natural skin care + body care products – there’s a little something for everyone.

Hope you find something you like, but if not, feel free to email us + maybe we can whip it up for you!


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OR’s mission is to remind people everyday that better, all-natural alternatives exist. We strive to craft your new favorite skin care products by perfecting all-natural recipes that are created by OR + approved by our customers.


We want to help people feel good - spread self-care while building up other local businesses. 


Listening to our customers

You are what makes OR: the alternative possible! Please tell us what you like or don't like or ideas for new products. Your feedback means EVERYTHING to us!

Real ingredients

NO fillers or artificial anything! OR natural skin care + body care products are made in small batches using the best oils, butters, clays + essential oils to make your favorite stuff.

We pledge 100% honesty + transparency. What's in our product is on the label. We believe everyone has the right to know what they are putting on their skin - a choice that directly affects their health.

With the exception of local beeswax + local honey, our products are vegan.


We believe in taking care of our resources, so we make every effort to reduce our negative impact. Virtually all of our packaging is biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable.


This was just another “bad idea” Lori had – “I’m going to start crafting all-natural facial products + lotions!” The primary focus at that time was clearing up her breakouts and doing it naturally. After a few trial recipes for oil facial cleansers, she was acne-free + thought about dabbling in some other artisan body care products.

Soon, Lori was creating tester kits for a focus group to try the recipes she whipped up. A few more tweaks here and there + BAM! Wonderful all-natural body care products!

One thing led to another and here she is – crafting your favorite artisan skin care + body care products!


Customers often ask, “What does ‘O.R.’ stand for? What does it mean?” Simply put, OR is the alternative to harsh man-made chemicals that we encounter in so many skin care + body care products. 


Lori McCourt_Elmer McCourt_or_thealt_elmerdoggo_Lorraine McCourt_Lorraine Federspiel_OR the alternative

Lori is the driving force behind OR: the alternative. Since childhood, she has experimented with different forms of creativity to express herself. Currently, Lori loves to bake and try new recipes. She brings a touch of personalization to every order and a passion for making useful stuff.

Elmer is the ever-loyal, adorable helper puppy who enjoys basking in the sun and being around people. Although his lack of thumbs isn’t always ideal for hands-on activities, Elmer continues to charm (+ grumble) his way into hearts



Have a couple questions? Just wanna chat? You can reach us here: hello@orthealternative.com