Back in my high school Chemistry class, the one thing I learned was that "like dissolves like." Which is to say things with similar chemical compounds tend to dissolve each other. This was demonstrated to us with permanent markers and isopropyl alcohol - if you put a small, concentrated dot of permanent marker on some cotton fabric, then dab it with some alcohol, you'll notice the permanent marker dot will grow and morph into a cool tie-dye effect. This is because permanent markers are alcohol-based, and alcohol dissolves (or re-activates) alcohol.

[Photo courtesy of Yes Missy; my projects never came out so pretty]

So is the same with oils on your face. I did some reading about this matter because I was a bit skeptical. Turns out, you can learn a great deal from Mommypotamus and the Oil Cleansing Method. But the main gist is that cleansing your face with oil loosens the dirt (and makeup) trapped in your pores - naturally. Once you wipe away the excess oil and dirt, your skin feels moisturized and vibrant. The main problem with typical facial cleansers is that they strip all the oil from your face making it "squeaky clean," dry, and irritated; then your body tries to make up for the oil stripped away by overproducing oil and causing yet another breakout. So we continue the vicious cycle of squeaky cleaning and breaking out. Hence, it's time to break the cycle! Try something different + all-natural!


Now that you know RADIANCE facial cleanser is an all-natural oil cleanser, how should you use it? Easy.

OR: the alternative | Radiance

  1. As part of my nighttime skincare routine, I warm 7-10 drops of RADIANCE cleanser in my hands. Then, I massage the cleanser into my dry skin, using circular motions.
  2. Now, this is when I normally brush my teeth so that RADIANCE has a couple minutes to really penetrate my pores.
  3. Then, I get my warm, damp cloth and hold it up to my face to promote my pores to open up really big. I usually repeat this step a couple times, making sure that my face is warm 'n toasty.
  4. Lastly, I use my damp cloth to wipe away any excess oil.

That's it! Clean, vibrant skin right before bedtime! This process works great to remove makeup as well.

RADIANCE facial cleanser can also be used as a moisturizer. Just use 3-5 drops in your hands and massage into your face.


RADIANCE facial cleanser is formulated for "normal" or "combination" skin.

When transitioning to a new routine, allow your skin about 2 weeks to adjust. If you are still experiencing frequent breakouts, please contact us and we will make it right.


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