What’s in a name? How OR got its name

The short version

Customers often ask, “What does ‘O.R.’ stand for? What does it mean?” Simply put, “OR” is not an acronym, but the conjunction used to show alternatives. In terms of our business, OR is the alternative to harsh man-made chemicals that we encounter in so many body care products.

The long version: from a doodle to a business

Since I was a kid, I dreamed of having my own business. I was never quite sure what kind of business I wanted, but I knew it would be revealed to me one day.

As is sometimes customary, I doodle or color during lunch to take me to my oasis in the midst of depression. One day, I was working on drawing my name in cursive, particularly focused on how my “o” connected to my first “r.” Soon, I was thinking about the little word “or” and what kind of possibilities it meant.

That little word has turned my life into a list of alternative opportunities.

Many times when I feel down, I think, “What would I rather be doing? Where would I rather be?” This exercise helped me reveal my true passion - creating and making things pretty. So then the question became, “What do you want to make?”

I could bake or sculpt or throw pottery or paint or draw or take pictures or design websites or start woodworking or...ANYTHING I WANTED!

So there I was, sitting at my desk designing a logo for OR: the alternative and wondering what it would become. Where would I take this idea of limitless possibilities?

Not too long after my creative exercise, I was refining my logo and exploring a niche I had just become interested in - natural body care products. The primary focus at that time was clearing up my breakouts and doing it naturally. After a few trial recipes for oil facial cleansers, my skin was flawless and I thought about dabbling in some other homemade body care products.

Soon, I made tester kits for some close friends and family to try the recipes I whipped up. A few more tweaks here and there & BAM! wonderful all-natural body care products!

Now I’m creating my own website & selling my creations! WHA WHAT?!

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