REPLENISH natural body butter

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"This is my favorite product yet! It's very soothing + heals cracked hands." -Christie

When was the last time you were agitated or uncomfortable because of your dry skin? Whether you struggle with dry skin on your hands or your body, REPLENISH natural body butter will relieve, treat + restore leaving your skin satisfied. If you have dry skin, REPLENISH will recondition your skin and leave it smooth + rejuvenated after just a few uses. Try some and you will not want for other vegan moisturizers again.

Our natural body butter must be kept at less than 77F (about room temperature) so it does not melt. If REPLENISH melts, put it in the fridge to return it to a solid. 

  • Fragrance-free moisturizer (only for naturally scented + unscented)
  • Lightly scented with lavender + vanilla essential oils (only for lavender vanilla)
  • Rejuvenates + moisturizes dry, itchy skin
  • Vegan moisturizer for hands + body

For instant relief of dry, itchy skin we use raw organic cocoa butter or raw organic mango butter + raw organic shea butter that quickly absorb into your skin. Our blend of organic coconut oil + vitamin E oil locks in moisture, while also healing + restoring your skin’s natural glow.

*OR guarantees the use of quality ingredients; however, product consistency may vary slightly by batch.