Mantras Card Set

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WHAT'S A MANTRA? Mantras have been used for centuries to help individuals set intentions about what they want to create in their lives and to bring about healing. We use mantras to help us mindfully focus our thoughts, our feelings, and set our highest intention.

HOW TO USE: Choose a card + recite your mantra slowly - this can be silently or aloud. Put as much belief + feeling as you can behind the words. Take your time to allow yourself to authentically feel + believe what you are saying - this has the strongest impact on your life.

Incorporate into your meditation or yoga practice, or better yet - use your intuition to guide you into what feels right for you. 


The story that’s too long to fit on the box…

This set of mantra cards evolved from a “get well” card for a friend, Renée. She's really been struggling with cancer - this is her third bout with it! So, understandably, she’s not doing well - physically, emotionally, mentally + possibly spiritually.

Originally, I wanted to make a giant card for her; big enough for her closest friends to sign! But I just sat in front of a blank canvas for days. Soon, I came across a couple mantras and started collecting the ones I felt would most encourage my friend during this trying time. Overnight, I had 25 different mantras + affirmations, and that’s when I decided I had to use all 25 of them!

That’s how this deck of cards came to be. I created several distinct designs, incorporated the different mantras, and Renée’s friends chose a card that spoke to them about her + wrote a short note of encouragement on the back.

Hopefully you take a moment for yourself today + use these mantras to help you find a little more inner peace.


thoughtfully designed + printed in Cleveland, OH